Sunday, September 4, 2011

RH Foundation, AkzoNobel support Tembari volleyball tournament

Hayward Sagembo, TCC Co-Founder and Director, with the trophies to be won during the tournament.

EARLY last week, RH Foundation turned over a set of shields and trophies to Tembari Children’s Care (TCC) for its Independence Day volleyball competition.

And on Saturday, another donor, AkzoNobel delivered a set of volleyball net and balls.

Tembari is hosting the Freedom Day sports event for the benefit of resident at Oro settlement at 7 Mile.

Being Tembari’s biggest community affair, the volleyball event has already drawn 10 clubs who are expected to field two teams each -- one team for young males and one for young females -- for a total of 20 teams. Each team will have 10 players, with four playing substitutes.

In short, we will be seeing 400 athletes competing in this once- in-a-blue moon game fest for the three major prizes in the form of shields or trophies.

Also another set of trophies would be awarded to the “most disciplined” team and “best district” team.

When Tembari was planning for this event, the first bump that it hit against was where to source the trophies.

These days, their costs have become prohibitive and that we could not afford them. So we made a list of what we needed and then myself and Rishabh, TCC’s Founder and Co-President, emailed the prospective donors and asked if they could help us.

RH Foundation responded in no time at all and so did AkzoNobel Ltd, a paint company. RH Foundation wanted to shoulder the cost of all the trophies for the winners; and so did AkzoNobel. Since RH Foundation came back first, the honors went to them. AkzoNobel then took up another equally important items, net and balls.

Thanks to RH Foundation, the winners in this two day competition – September 16 and 17 – would have something to look forward to – the rare chance of being honored because they are the best in the game. And to clutch in their hands those trophies that RH Foundation has turned into a reality.

Definitely, AkzoNobel also shares the bright spotlight. The net and balls the paint company has donated would find out who among the athletes have prepared well for the games.

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