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A day at Tembari - September 10, 2011

A Friend of Tembari Children

SATURDAY is always especial for Tembari kids. This is because some surprises would come, as usual, and such are always packed with goodies from generous donors and supporters. On Saturday, September 10, 2011, there was frenzy among the kids. Have a look to find out why.

These three kids could be the happiest among who received clothing items from the children of The Ela Murray International School (TEMIS)of Port Moresby, PNG. Beaming with pride, they pose with their new preschool uniforms.

Penny Sagembo, Tembari Co-Founder Co-President, stands by the of the Tembari office as she distributes donated clothing items to the Tembari beneficiary children. The donation came from the children of The Ela Murray International School (TEMIS) in Port Moresby, PNG. The PMIS children also donated K900 (more than US$300)to Tembari to pay for the cost of the day care center's electric consumption. The funds to buy the clothing items and the cash donation were raised from the children's daily school pocket money, according to Ms Narelle Levey, who coordinated the children's donation.

Tembari kids beam as they show off the school uniforms they received from the children of The Ela Murray International School (PMIS) on Saturday, September 10, 2011.

Penny and this girl are proudly displaying two clothing items which were given away shortly.

Children crowd by the door of the container van that serves as Tembari office as they await their turn to the clothes that Penny is distributing.

Penny Sagembo distributes donated clothing items to the children.

This girl is lucky to have received a nice red T-shirt. It is one of the clothing items that have been donated by a group of children at The Ela Murray International School (TEMIS) in Port Moresby.

This girl is proudly displaying a new colorful skirt which she received from the children of The Ela Murray International School (TEMIS) in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. The children have donated several boxes of brand-new clothing items, from T-shirts, polo shirts, skirts, blouses, jeans for Tembari beneficiaries.

A volunteer mother carries a tray of meals for the children.

A volunteer mom with her kids fetches water from one of the two tanks at Tembari compound.

Volunteer mothers washing the dishes after the children were done with their lunch.

A volunteer mother building fire for a pot of dish.

Lynne Saunders, community liaison officer at the Australian Embassy in Port Moresby. She's one of our major donors to our school building project for our preschoolers.

Waiting for lunch ...

Young girls give their best smiles and pose. They are among Tembari's grown up kids.

Finally, it's lunch time at Tembari day care center.

Volunteer mothers cooking the day's lunch of rice and noodle soup.

Preschoolers killing time chatting inside their classroom, while waiting for lunch to be served.

Kids waiting for their Saturday lunch to be cooked.

Away from the maddening crowd... This Tembari kid finds peace with his computer game beside a 5,000-liter tank at the Tembari compound.

- All pictures by blogger A P HERNANDEZ, Port Moresby, PNG

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