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Profiling our foster-mothers

Penny Sagembo, Co-Founder and Co-President of Tembari Children Care (TCC), interviews a poster-mother as part of her task to build a data base for guardian parents with children under The Center’s care. More pictures at the end of story.)

A Friend of Tembari Children

IT WAS a busy day at The Center on Saturday.

Aside from the usual cooking and feeding activities, there were long hours of interviews carried out with foster-mothers whose children are beneficiaries of the Tembari Children Center (TCC).

On Saturday, Penny Sage-embo, co-founder and secretary of TCC, interviewed more than 20 mothers whose profiles are being made for the first time. This way, it would give Penny idea about the guardians of the Tembari Children.

It would give Penny some picture why a particular child would be missing his/he classes, or why he or she would come late for classes.

At the same time, Penny is also building up data base of our children that would show basic details such as age, gender, parents, and their school performance. We would need this information when presenting request for funding assistance with funding agencies or potential donors.

And the task of doing this is getting difficult and slow as the number of our beneficiaries increase.

While the profiling and number compilation is in progress, we know that we have 62 kids in elementary and primary schools this year and a batch of 80 preschoolers. Sadly, they have not enrolled yet as we are still unable to find donors for their school fees amounting to K9,450.

The 80 preschoolers do not include the 20 first timers who would be joining the Tembari children for the first time. They are children of families with a complete set of parents – a mother and a father – who are able enough to support their needs.

But since it is only the Tembari that operates a preschool at the ATS Oro Settlement outside of Port Moresby, they are being taken by TCC as part of its services to the community, being a community-based organization (CBO) duly registered with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA).

While we are appealing to NGOs, Business Houses and Individuals to sponsor school fees for our children, our TCC Founder and Co-President, Rishabh Bhandari, who is in the USA, is also carrying out fund raising activities to raise money to pay the school fees for as many children as possible.

With 120 children doing preschool,
are also faced with classroom problem.

These 120 kids would have to be divided into three classes of 40 each, a number which is no longer ideal for a class.

Two classes would be holding sessions in classrooms, while the third batch would be doing its usual activities outdoors – under the shade of a mango tree next to the classroom.

Right now,we are tryingto raise K50,000 to pay for the building of a multi-purpose hall that would house a third classroom for our outdoor preschoolers.

The multi-purpose hall which measures 15m x 4m would also provide a much-needed space for small office and kitchen

So far,we have already raised the first K7,000, a donation from Engineer Ariel Parro, managing director of AP Engineering Ltd of Kokopo, East New Britain,Papua New Guinea. Engr Parro has assured us that he would continue supporting this project. He promised to help us prepare the basic design for the building.

For those who would like to support this project, here’s an opportunity to do so: You can contribute the needed materials like roofing sheets, cement, bricks, timber materials and others.

Initially, the structure would require 18 roofing sheets 2.7m long and another set of 18 sheets 3.6m long; ridge cap 8 length x 2.8m.

If you wish to donate cash, please write the cheque in the name of Tembari Children’s Care (TCC).

Also, we have an account with Bank South Pacific through which you can credit your donation to BSP bank account 1001481651.

I hope this appeal would reach kind-hearted individuals and community-oriented business houses and institutions.

It is through your support and theirs that the Tembari Children’s Care (TCC) is able to make the lives of a group of less-fortunate children a little better by providing them daily meals and basic education.

We would be willing to discuss with you ideas that would help make our preschool classroom project a reality.

Guardian parents stand outside the makeshift office while waiting for their turn to be interviewed.

This is the spot where the third batch of 40 preschoolers will hold their daily class this year in the absence of an appropriate classroom. Once rain threatens to come down, the kids will be sent home, thus disrupting their class for the day. – All pictures by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ

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