Sunday, February 20, 2011

Penny Sagembo, praises and warns Tembari’s schoolchildren

Penny Sagembo, Co-Founder and Co-President of Tembari Center (right standing), gives a pep talk to the children on Saturday.

A Friend of Tembari Children

ON SATURDAY, Penny Sagembo, Co-Founder and Co-President of Tembari Children Care (TCC), had a heart-to-heart talk with the beneficiary children.

She had encouraged them on their quest for learning but at the same time reminded them of their responsibilities as beneficiaries.

While Tembari is doing all it can to make their lives a little better, she warned them that they would be sacked if they failed to do their part.

While some 109 schoolchildren paid their attention to the grand matriarch of The Center, Penny told them: I am happy to announce that your school fees have been paid … which means all of you are going to school this year …”

“On your behalf, I would like to thank the PNG Children’s Foundation for being generous to us by paying for your school fees … I also would like to thank Rishabh Bhandari, TCC’s Founder who has raised funds in the USA for school fees for the remaining children. Whie Rishabh himself has been studying, his heart is always feeling for you and he is always thinking something or the other to make your lives better..…”

The Children’s Foundation, headed by Yiannis Nicolaou, supports less-privileged children by helping them get an education and at the same time helping charity institutions like the “Kids Haven”, a shelter for unfortunate mothers and children.

Penny told the Tembari children the results of their education last year had all been satisfactory – everybody made good grades. She encouraged them to keep it up.

But then she told them: I want you to come to Tembari everyday for feeding … I want you to be present every time we serve you meal… not just on Monday, or on Tuesday … but every day.

“If you failed to come here every day, from Monday to Saturday for feeding during the first three months, starting next month (March), we would be forced to drop you from our roster…

Meaning, they could no longer receive the services that The Center is providing to the children right now like education and more.

“You see, there are lots of children who would like to join Tembari, but because of your number at present (175) we won’t be able to accommodate them anymore.

“So, if you cannot keep your attendance for our feeding program, we will drop you to give way to other children from the village who badly need food and education …”

“You have to do your part,” she said.

Penny has urged the children to relay her message to their guardians or foster parents, who, she said, have been remiss in their duties to see to it that their children come to The Center regularly for feeding.

She told me that many parents just don’t bother much, since they knew their foster children are receiving The Center’s services without fail.

“But we can’t tolerate that anymore due to our constraints with food supplies and facilities that should be enjoyed at the most by deserving children,” she said.

We hope that the message Penny imparted, sink into the children’s consciousness.

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