Sunday, February 27, 2011

Electricity inching towards Tembari Center

The Tembari Children Care center at ATS Oro Settlement, outside of Port Moresby and the third steel power post that will bring electricity to the facility’s premises. The power facility is now being installed by PNG Power Ltd for the benefit of the Tembari Children.

The power post awaiting to be finally installed with power cable lines.


A Friend of Tembari Children

VERY soon, the Tembari center will enjoy the benefits of electricity.

It is first time that The Center will get power service since being established in 2003 by founders Rishabh Bhandari, Penny Sagembo, and Hayward Sagembo.

Power firm PNG Power Ltd erected last week three steel power posts and laid the needed cable lines that would bring electricity to The Center, which happens to be about 300 meters from the village’s power grid.

In short, PNG Power is nearing the fulfillment of its commitment to provide us electricity at The Center so we could do more towards serving our beneficiary children now numbering a total of 175.

Knowing what electricity could do to improve our efficiency in serving the Tembari children and in enhancing their lives, Rishabh and myself approached PNG Power last September on the possibility of connecting us to the village’s power grid -- at the company’s cost.

CEO Tony Koiri did not waste time to give a green light to our request.

Immediately, he issued out instructions to concerned technical people, including the GM for operations, John Tangit, to keep the ball rolling, so to speak, “in the name of service to the community”.

But of course our request came at a time when PNG Power was also saddled with various logistical/financial issues that it took six months to realize the project.

But the assurance was already there and that engineers concerned had updated us on the status of our power project from time to time.

Last week, Rishabh got
an email from one key person at the company to inform that his boys will be at our area to erect the needed power posts and that immediately power cable lines would be laid, and thus connect The Center to the power grid.

This week, we expect to have everything installed, including the required EsiPay meter, a gadget that measures the amount of power consumed and shows how long would the loaded electricity would last until another top up is required.

To PNG Power, thanks a lot and More Power to you!

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