Friday, November 2, 2012

Tinned fish and all … an update

The bunch of firewood donation that was delivered on Friday to Tembari center, courtesy of a timber dealer based in Port Moresby.

A Friend of Tembari Children

Firewood donation … The Tembari daily feeding program has received a big boost in the form of firewood donated by a timber dealer in Port Moresby. At least, the bunch of scrap timber and off-cuts which was delivered on Friday afternoon could last for a month’s cooking, according to one the mothers involved in preparing the kids’ daily meals. Until the firewood delivery, Tembari had being buying everyday a bundle at a cost of K10 – or K60 for a six-day feeding session. About 130 to 150 children are served early dinner every day. The firewood has been safely stored to prevent village thieves from being stealing it.

Electrical fire hits center … A few days ago, the Tembari office was hit by an electrical fire, caused by a faulty wiring. A small fire charred the entire installation at the center’s office, which is housed in a modified container. An inspector from PNG Power who came later said the wiring system starting from the switch box must be replaced. A hardware outlet – the Paradise Hardware – has provided the replacement materials, which would be installed soon as the center needs electricity for its various electrical appliances such as a freezer, fridge and premises lighting.

Cooking mothers prepare the day's meal...

Noodle consumption … Instant noodles have become an important part of the Tembari children’s daily meal. It is being cooked together with greens and sausages or chicken meat, if available, and served along with a bowl of rice. The soup of the noodle dish makes the rice meal enjoyable. The daily meal – dinner at this instance -- becomes filling, which could last the children the whole night. According to our cooks, they use at least six packs of instant noodles every day – from Monday to Saturday. With the cash crunch now bugging Tembari’s feeding program, I’m appealing to donors who may be able to supply Tembari children on a weekly basis a carton of noodles (one carton contains 42 packs), or four cartons a month. This would greatly relieve Tembari of the burden using its limited funds, which it could use instead on other items. 

Tired of tinned fish … RD Tuna supplies the Tembari children 15 cartons of its product a month. During the earlier months after we first received this generous donation, tuna meat has become a major part of the children’s daily meal – dinner for that matter. Then after a time, one of the kids told me he got tired of having tuna every day for his meal, although it is cooked with greens. He said he wanted to have something that tastes like meat. Last month, a donor made it possible – he sent frozen sausages and frozen chicken meat, enough to cheer up the kids for three weeks. The goodies consumed,  they fell back to tinned fish again. Since it was only a one-time sausage-chicken meat donation, the children have to settle for tuna once again until somebody would come forward to provide the kids this important meat protein. The meat donor spent at least K1,000 to make a great change in the children’s meal. Quite a sum, but it’s worth it for those who really wanted to help. In a way, he earned a credit for several building blocks towards strengthening the children’s future, and I am personally grateful for his gesture.

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