Friday, November 16, 2012

Malaysian community donates to Tembari

MAPNG organizing committee chairman Ivan Lu and Pang Heng Chew (fourth and fifth from left) present the mock cheque for K40,000 to Penny Sage-embo (second from left). With them are the children-beneficiary of Tembari.

A Friend of Tembari Children

WITH funds in its bank account almost exhausted, day care center Tembari Children’s Care suddenly came alive to a windfall of K40,000 donation from the Malaysian Association of PNG.
The presentation of the generous donation in the form of a mock cheque for the amount took place at Tembari center at ATS Oro Settlement, 7-Mile, outside Port Moresby.
The mock cheque was received by Penny Sage-embo, Tembari founder and program/project coordinator.
MAPNG chairman of the organizing committee Ivan Lu said the funding was aimed to support the center’s feeding program and day to day operations.
He told the people from the Oro ATS Community that the association has been supporting and funding the center since three years ago.
“Make sure the charity organisation (Tembari) is responsible, transparent and accountable,” he said.
Lu, who is the senior executive director of Rimbunan Hijao (PNG), had urged that the money donated to the children’s facility be used wisely.
Saying that MAPNG had funded 16 other charitable groups, he stressed that the association also represents other sponsors and potential donors that may be interested in funding the center.
Centre founder and project coordinator Penny Sage-embo thanked the association for its support.
She said this was the third time the association had donated to the centre.
Sage-embo said since the centre began in 2008, there had no major funding by any donor or the government other than the Malaysian association and the Filipino Association in PNG.
Association vice-president, Pang Hang Chew said he hoped to continue the funding annually in the coming years.
MAPNG is headed by CC Ang as president.


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