Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lamana Hotel donates to Tembari children

The Tembari children pose for a picture with the towels and bed sheets they received from the Lamana Hotel. (More pictures below the story.)

A Friend of Tembari Children

THE Lamana Hotel has donated towels and bed sheets to the Tembari children.

And the goodies were distributed to the kids on Saturday just before they returned home after having their usual special lunch.

It was early last week when the Big Boss at the hotel, Yiannis, emailed me to say that he got something for the Tembari children – lots of bed sheets and white towels which carried the hotel’s name.

The famous hotel has just replaced the towels and bed sheets in its rooms and the old ones had needed to go to where they could be of more use.

Of course Yiannis is no longer new to the Tembari children and their needs.

Through the PNG Children’s Foundation of which he is the president, The Center is able to pay for the fortnightly allowances of three volunteer teachers who handle our preschool classes made up of more than 50 kids.

Yiannis did not think twice of giving The Center a monthly grant of K300 to cover the monthly allowances of our volunteer teachers.

I picked the items stuffed in five huge black bags last Thursday and they filled all the space available in my car.

The items that numbered close to a hundred pieces were put together by the hotel’s store manager Ms Marie Magpayo, a Filipino expat.

It was a timely donation to our children who would use all sorts of cloth materials to pat themselves dry after every bath but towel.

One of the hygiene practices taught to the children was to wash themselves at least once day despite their difficulties of obtaining water for everyday use at the village.

The ATS Oro Settlement at 7-Mile where the Tembari children live is having difficulties with water due to low water pressure and the inefficiency of water service being operated by the village association.

Anyway, the bed sheets and towels from the Lamana Hotel have become a prized possession for each of the Tembari children.

To this, I say thank you Lamana Hotel for thinking about our children.

Penny Sagembo, founder of Tembari Children Care (TCC) center makes inventory of bed sheets and towels donated by the Lamana Hotel.

Melanie, 8, one of the Tembari children who became an owner of a Lamana bath towel.

A pile of towels and bed sheets inside the center's storage room.

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