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Early Christmas cheer comes to Tembari children

Eleven-year-old Megan Potgieter dressing up a Christmas Tree at the Tembari Center on Saturday. She also played Girl Santa to the 114 Tembari children by cheering them up with toy car models, Barbie-like dolls and lollies and candies. (More pictures after this story)


A Friend of Tembari Children

ON SATURDAY, South African girl Megan Potgieter, 11, returned to The Center to play Little Santa to the 114 Tembari children.

She first visited the facility early this year to cheer up the Tembari kids with ice cream in cones and candies. That time, there were only 78 beneficiary children.

And her coming on Saturday, along with parents Andre and Sharon, elder brother Francois and South African compatriots Elaine Blignaut and Marina Furstenberg caught us by surprise, the children especially.

It was the first time that Santa Claus had visited them.

It was also on Saturday that the Tembari children received memorable Christmas presents from the supporters of The Center.

The South African expats came in full force with lots of goodies like toy car models for the boys, Barbie-like dolls for the girls and candies and lollies for everybody.

For the first time in the so-called seven-year history of The Center, a big Christmas Tree was put up by the visitors and Megan excitedly led in dressing it up.

And under the tree were gift-wrapped Christmas presents for everybody.

Megan, who attends the primary school in Lydenburg, South Africa, told me that she was happy to give away Christmas presents to the kids to cheer them up.

She and her family fly back home to South Africa for the Christmas holiday break this week.

Elaine, one of the executives at RBP Trading Ltd in Port Moresby, said the goodies were put together with some little help from their friends in Port Moresby.

Andre, a top executive at RBP Trading, is a generous regular donor.

While Megan was decorating the Tree, Papa Andre and Mama Sharon were looking at her with such enthusiasm only proud parents could have.

The reason could be that at young age, their girl is already becoming aware of poverty afflicting children in Papua New Guinea and her hands-on in social/charity work is gradually growing young roots at Tembari Center.

Truly, it was a great day for all the kids at The Center made possible by generous supporters like young girl Megan, Andre, Sharon, Francois, Elaine, Marina and their nameless friends.

This early, I say Merry Christmas to All!

(I am organizing a Christmas hamper party on Saturday, December 18, to further cheer up our 114 children. If you think you have some goodies – lollies, chocolates, candies, toys and all -- that you can part with to boost the hampers that we are going to distribute to the kids, please don’t hesitate to inform me. My contact phones are 3246-712 (office) and 722-31984 (cell phone.)

From left: Elaine Blignaut, Francois Potgieter, Sharon Potgieter, Megan Potgieter and Andre Potgieter shortly after arriving at the Tembari Center on Saturday with their surprise Christmas presents for the children.

Hayward Sagembo, TCC president, welcoming Andre Potgieter and company.

Volunteer parents helping in decorating the Tree.

Elaine Blignaut and Megan Potgieter posing under The Center’s welcome arch.

The visitors start decorating the Tree.

Tembari children intently looking at the Tree with Christmas presents under it.

Penny Sagembo, TCC founder, calling out names of children to receive their Christmas presents.

Megan (left) giving away Christmas presents to the Tembari kid while another Santa Claus assists her.

Megan, Mom Sharon and Dad Andre Potgieter appreciating the Tree they brought to The Center.

Tembari children proudly displaying their Christmas presents.

A girl displaying her Barbie-like doll.

Preschoolers displaying their Christmas presents of toy car models and dolls.

While everybody is busy receiving his/her Christmas presents, volunteer mom tend to the day’s special lunch of curry beef stew, beef-bone soup and boiled rice.

Megan posing with the Tembari Children after presenting their Christmas presents. – All pictures by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ

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