Sunday, June 6, 2010

Two Wheelie Bins roll into The Center

Hayward Sagembo (right), TCC Co-Founder and Director, with the newly delivered Wheelie Bins. Beside him is a volunteer mother.

A Friend of Tembari Children

A FEW days ago, I took delivery of two Wheelie bins, courtesy of Universal Ventures Ltd owned by the Sena family of Port Moresby.

It was some two months ago when I requested Joey Sena, one of the company managers, for two units of the efficient rubbish bins that The Center badly needs to handle the trash and waste matters that have been piling up around its premises.

I would say that there’s really a practical way to deal with the rubbish being generated by our children beneficiary and volunteer mothers who work at the Center’s soup kitchen.

And that’s through the use of a waste container, which could be in many forms and shape. I just wondered why the officers of the Tembari Children Center, Inc have not done anything to control common wastes to pile up.

When I was at The Center the previous Saturday, the same pile of rubbish that I last saw just before I went home to Manila for my annual leave was still there.

Then, I remember once more the Wheelie bins that I asked Joey about.

And would you believe that he did not think twice about accommodating my request when I first brought it up within two months ago? The only problem then was that his staff had yet to put together the two units, which were made of more than one moving parts.

When Joey was ready to deliver the item to my workplace at The National newspaper, I was already in Manila.

When I came back from holiday the other Sunday, I emailed Joey, telling him that I was just trying to follow up my requested Wheelies.

And his immediate reply was: I’ll have it delivered this afternoon. And he just did.

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