Monday, June 14, 2010

The Center’s generous visitors

Children proudly show off their bar of soap and ID tags hangers donated by Digicel Foundation.
Kids displaying tin mugs while sitting on new classroom chairs -- two items donated by RH Foundatioin.
Kid displaying his milk moustache.
Kids enjoy their milk.
Volunteers preparing fresh milk for the kids. Milk has been donated by the British High Commission and an executive at RH Group.
Kids while they tinker with building blocks sent by business executive Andre Potgieter.
The kiddy chairs, courtesy of RH Foundation.

A Friend of Tembari Children

OVER the fast several days, The Center received four groups of visitors who brought with them some goodies for our kids.

For instance, a team of Digicel Foundation staff made a quick look-see and handed out to each of the kids bars of soap as part of their hygiene training, which starts with regular washing of their hands.

Then, a team from RH Foundation also came to hand over 42 white kiddy plastic chairs for their classrooms and 30 large tin cups for their soup, which is served every Saturday when a especial lunch is cooked for them. (I do the cooking, of course!)

The 30 cups will complement the ones we already have, paid for by Robert Palomo, a Filipino executive at the LNG project, who is a permanent sponsor of my Saturday lunch especially-cooked for the kids.

The RHF team was headed by Dinolla Tion, public relations officer.

The third group that came was composed of staff from the British High Commission, led by Suzanne Laister, assistant to the British High Commissioner.

A once-in-awhile-Center visitor, Suzanne’s group distributed workbooks, ball pens and stationery for the children.

Of course, the British High Commission is also sponsoring the children’s Monday-to-Friday fresh milk supply, while the Saturday milk is being provided by a generous executive at RH Group, along with a monthly supply of rice.

The previous Saturday, business executive Andre Potgieter and his colleague Elaine, also an expat executive, drove off to our Center to deliver three boxes of toys – plastic building blocks.

The kids really enjoy these ones as they were something new for them.

Elaine also told me that the Aviat Club of Port Moresby, to which she belongs, will start to fundraise for our kids.

She said for every drink bought by members and guests, five toea (K0.05) would be set aside for Tembari Chidlren Care’s children.

This is great! Knowing that expatriate members of the Aviat Club enjoy drinking till the night wears out, I could only imagine how fast Elaine could raise a lot of kina for us.

Let’s toast to that, mate …!

By the way, Andre is also making sure the kids have enough food by supplying us with rice once a month to complement another on-going monthly donation, courtesy of an executive at RH Group.

So, things are looking up for our kids at Tembari Center.

There would always be opportunities for you, dear readers, to further improve the lives of our kids.

And I can tell you one thing: No amount of money or assistance is too small to give out; for the Tembari kids, every bit of help that comes their way is always one that overflows with kindness, generosity and humanity.

Discovering this for themselves, the visitors who came to The Center were just too happy for being able to help.

Those who will come later or sooner would find this out, too.

No doubt about it.

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