Sunday, March 28, 2010

A plumber comes to The Center

Dinolla Tion (left), RH Foundation public relations officer, discusses with TCC chairman Hayward Sagembo the foundation’s plan to put up water facilities at The Center, while the plumber (right) makes his notes.

Ms Tion (right) turns over to TCC chairman Hayward Sagembo a cheque donation for K3,000 from an anonymous donor at RH (PNG) Group. The proceeds from the cheque would pay for the many needs of The Center.

Volunteer mothers cook rice for the children’s lunch that will go with sliced sausage and veggies. The kids were also served a glass of milk each, courtesy of recent visitor, American air hostess Diane McLea, who also brought goodies donated by her friends in the US.

Another visitor at The Center last Saturday was TJ Khoo, The National newspaper’s production editor (center, in white T-shirt), who brought some goodies for the children. – All pictures by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ

A Friend Of Tembari Children

LAST Saturday, a plumber came to see how The Center could be connected to an existing water source nearby.

The plumber was sent by The RH Foundation, which is now looking at ways to help the children under the care of the Tembari Children Care (TCC).

The water tap is operated by the village association at the ATS Oro Settlement and collects fees from residents for certain amount of water sourced from the tap.

The Center will use the water in cooking the daily lunch of the children. At present, it fetches water in buckets from the nearby tap.

The next facility would come is a water storage tank.

Earlier, the British High Commission said it was also donating water tanks to The Center, with funds coming from a recent fundraising fun-run activity held in Port Moresby.

Once a water connection is made, a toilet and a bathroom will come next for the children’s use.

The bathroom will allow the children to wash at least once a day to keep them physically clean and hygienic.

We are looking at a septic tank type of a toilet which is more sanitary and easier to maintain.

With water now readily available, The Center could start a food garden where fast-growing veggies could be grown for use at The Center’s soup kitchen, which provides lunch to the children every day.

The garden would be developed by volunteers from the settlement.

The Center is feeding 83 orphans, abandoned and neglected children from the settlement.

Also, The Center received a cheque donation for K3,000 from an anonymous business executive at RH (PNG) Group. He will also provide The Center with rice and fresh milk every month.

The first delivery will arrive on Thursday, April 1.

This way, the children will have better nutrition and thus, improve their health gradually, the benefactor told me.

Earlier, another anonymous donor also pledged to deliver a monthly supply of rice to The Center. He made the first delivery of 160kg early this month.

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