Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clean little hands are good to see

Penny Sagembo showing to the children the step-by-step process of washing hands effectively with soap and water

A Friend of Tembari Children Center (TCC) Inc

Before taking a meal, Hands washing is the good habit to avoid diseases. We just tries to show it properly to tembari children. Mr. Rishabh bhandari is also manage the things.

These children (pictured) took a short timeout from playing games and reading books to listen to Penny Sagembo, the founder and matriarch at the orphanage Tembari Children Center (TCC), explain why washing hands thoroughly before and after eating foods, or using the toilet, is important.

Using two sets of basin with water, Ms Sagembo then showed to them the proper way of cleaning hands – step by step -- with soap and water and how to air-dry them after the wash.

She told them that washing hands regularly, whether they are at home or in school, is one way to avoid contracting cholera, getting diarrhoea or in simple terms, stomach ache, and other illnesses.

Later, the children tried to do it for a feel, and one kid complained that they have no ready water at home in the settlement as the tap was far from their shanty.

The little lecture took place shortly before the 76 orphans and abandoned children took their special lunch meal of masala-chicken soup last Saturday at TCC at ATS Oro Settlement, 7 Mile, just outside Port Moresby on the other side of the Jackson airport.

Prepared and cooked by a volunteer, the soup lunch was sponsored by RH Hypermart General Manager CC Ang and his family.

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