Monday, December 5, 2011

Queen of Tembari 2012 proclaimed

Phyllis Topogo, 14, proclaimed the Queen of Tembari for 2012.

Ms Topogo is being led by her escort in front of the audience after which she delivered her speech about her desire to help raise funds for the needy children in her province of Oro.


A Friend of Tembari

A 14-year-old girl from Ioma 1, Oro province, in the northern side of Papua New Guinea has been named Queen of Tembari for 2012.

Phylis Topogo bested six other “princesses” who represented their respective villages in the recent Oro-Tembari cultural dance presentation held as part of this year’s celebration of Children’s International Day at the Botanical Garden in Port Moresby.

Ms Topogo and the other princesses belonged to their respective sing-sing groups that performed during the event.

Each of the groups presented their village’s traditional dance.

The princess of each dance troupe then spoke to the audience about her desire to help raise funds for the unfortunate children of their province while being evaluated by a panel of three judges.

Hearing all them spoke, the judges decided that Ms Topogo should be the first Queen of Tembari because she was able to convince the audience that she would be able to do the job of fundraising.

Incidentally, Phyllis is a beneficiary of the Tembari Children’s Care (TCC), a day care facility at ATS Oro settlement at 7 Mile outside Port Moresby.

The young girl, who is one of the abandoned children under the care of Tembari, belong to a tribe in Ioma 1, in Oro province.

Penny Sage-embo, Tembari founder and program coordinator, said that Phyllis has been briefed on her role as Queen of Tembari, particularly of her job to help raise funds for the less-privileged children in Oro province during the year 2012.

The other sing-sing dance troupe princess were Alice Sagembo, 20, who represented Tembari; Rebecca Sepora, 15, of Kokoda; Shondie Dumbu, 14, of Ioma 2; Arnet Hivi, 14, of Kivori-Kairuku; Julie Iari, 15, of Central Kaiva; and Brenna Yaugira, 18, of Tufi.

The cultural presentation was sponsored by Tembari as a means to raise funds for its beneficiary children in Oro province, who are orphans, abandoned, unfortunate and neglected.

Tembari is hoping to set up a facility that would cater for those children, according to Tembari founder Penny Sage-embo.

Donations toward the cause are still welcomed. Donors may call Patison Kopada, Tembari administration, on cellphone 72619552 and Penny Sage-embo, Tembari founder, on 71256547.

The Ioma 1 dance troupe in action.

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