Sunday, November 13, 2011

Curtain Bros delivers 20TEU container

Justin McGann walks up the hill to measure the length of the perimeter that borders the property occupied by Tembari Children’s Care at Oro community at 7 Mile outside Port Moresby.

Justin comes down from the hill, still counting the paces he made from the time he started going up the terrain. – Photos by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ, Port Moresby, PNG.

A Friend of Tembari Children

ON Saturday, a 20TEU container was delivered to Tembari.

It is a donation from Curtains Bros, an engineering giant in Papua New Guinea, with headquarters in Australia, that is involved in massive projects at various PNG LNG sites in the highlands and elsewhere.

The delivery day, Mr Cameron got in touch with us to find out where Tembari is located. And we told him.

Hearing about the place, he said he’s familiar with it. There would be no problem getting there with the goods, he assured us.

The container donation was a response to our earlier appeal for such a facility.

Earlier, Justin McGann, another executive at Curtain Bros, sent an email to say that his company would like to donate one unit, which we could use to store our foodstuff and other facilities like freezers, refrigerators, cooking wares and many others.

Until today, foodstuff donations are kept at a container that used to be a classroom that also doubles as an office, a library/reading space and of course, storage.

The whole place is a mess, with all these things sitting together in a very tight place.

At Tembari, we have been feeing the need for a decent space to work in and this could only come once another container is given to us by some kind donor.
Finally, on Saturday, the thing arrived.

And aside from sending us the container, Curtain Bros would also like to send one of its bulldozers to reclaim some square meters from the hillside that borders our paved premises.

We have started demolishing that portion of the hill so we could get some more space for Tembari premises, in preparation for the construction of a classroom building for our preschool children.

But a few hours bulldozer work had cost us a fortune – courtesy of the contractor who charged us K900 for a five-hour work. And yet the job has remained unfinished.

Mr McGann had earlier visited the Tembari premises to see for himself the extent of earthwork that would be needed once he sent us the “dozer”.

And curious about the perimeter that borders our property that covers more than 3,000sqm, he went up the hill and measured it by walking and counting the steps he made.

An experienced bushman, Mr McGann was accurate almost to the mark when he came down from the hill with his measurement.

And he told us that should we need a surveyor to prepare a map of the property that Tembari occupies, he could organize a team of surveyor quickly – for free.

In PNG, the services of a surveyor cost a fortune and a penny-less charity like Tembari would not be able to afford it.

Curtain Bros is standing by for this. Just holler them.

Thanks, Justin McGann .. thanks Rod Cameron. Thanks Curtain Bros for your generosity.

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