Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tembari marks National Day of Repentance

Anglican missionary Brother Joe Aison lectures on the aspects of religious repentance to the Tembari kids last Friday.

Patison Kopada, Tembari administrator, leads in singing religious songs to mark the observance of the National Day of Repentance.


A Friend of Tembari Children

JUST like the rest of Papua New Guinean people, the Tembari children marked on Saturday the observance of National Day of Repentance.

The event, which fell last Friday, August 26, was declared a non-working public holiday to give the people an opportunity to reflect on the wrongs that they had committed towards themselves, their families, their neighbors, friends, acquaintances and more.

The day was also deemed an opportunity for the government and its functionaries to reflect on the wrongs and harm both had committed to the suffering people of PNG.

For its part, the Tembari children – at least 52 of them – gathered at the center to listen to Brother Joe Aison, a missionary from the Melanesian Brotherhood of the Anglican church of PNG, expound on the religious aspects of repentance.

Brother Joe is himself a resident at ATS Oro settlement at 7-Mile where the Tembari Children’s Care (TCC) center is located.

Of course, Brother Joe’s discourse on repentance was something the Tembari kids had yet to digest hard, their being that young and had yet to know what was really wrong and what was really right.

But anyway.

He was assisted by Patison Kopada, the Tembari administrator, who led the kids in singing religious songs.

The gathering was followed by the usual lunch, for which more children showed up later.

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