Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Appeal for power credit donation towards Tembari’s Esipay meter

The Tembari's Esipay meter number 07 0709 5013 9. Donation of power credit is welcomed.


A Friend of Tembari Children

WE RECENTLY installed an Esipay meter at The Center.

This means electricity would now be a part of our cost.

Since electricity is one of the most basic items in our lives, after water, we can’t just afford not to really have it and use it sustainably to be able to provide better service to our beneficiary children, now numbering more than 170.

The center, founded in 2003, is having power in its premises for the first time. It was first connected to the power grid at the settlement last April.

Initially, we have estimated that The Center would be consuming at least K50 a month once some basic white goods like refrigerator and freezer become available.

We need these items to improve the storage of our perishable foodstuff that some donors would be sending once in a while. The freezer also would enable us to make ice to chill the cordial drink of the children that goes with their daily meals – noon snacks and early dinner. Of course, the kids would enjoy drinking their water chilled.

We will also have other power-generated facilities like bulbs, computer, printer, DVD player and the matching TV screen.

The DVD player and the TV screen would enable us to introduce our children to various educational programming, something that would greatly enhance their learning process. With this, we would welcome a donation of this type of DVD programs.

I decided to post the picture of The Center’s Esipay as one way to solicit support from readers of this blog.

Maybe, you could help us defray the cost of our electric consumption by buying for Tembari power credits from Esipay outlets (when you are shopping at Boroko Foodworld or RH Hypermart or at Stop n Shop).

The Tembari Esipay meter number is 07 0709 50139 under the name of Tembari Children’s Care (TCC). A K10 credit would go a long way. Esipay load higher than that would be much better as it would ensure us of continuous use of our electrical facilities.

All you have to do is text to me the Esipay power credit you purchased, after which I would forward it to the administrator of The Center. My cell phone number is 722-31984.

Likewise, if you feel you have something to donate to the Tembari children, please don’t hesitate to email me, or call me on my cell phone, or my landline number 3246-712 at my workplace at The National newspaper.

Email the writer: ahernandez@thenational.com.pg


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