Sunday, April 3, 2011

High Energy Co shoulders Tembari’s monthly water bill

Thomas Kuo, general manager of export fishing company High Energy, handing over a cheque for K260 to Hayward Sagembo, Tembari’s Co-Founder and Director, on Saturday. The fund will pay for Tembari’s water bill for the month of April. Thomas has committed to shoulder Tembari’s monthly water bill. (More pictures after story.)


A Friend of Tembari Children

ON SATURDAY, we had a surprise visitor: Thomas Kuo, general manager of export fishing company High Energy.

He made a quick visit to deliver a cheque for K260 to cover our water bill for the month of April.

Well, Thomas’s company which is based in Port Moresby and exports frozen fish to Asia and Australia, will be shouldering starting from this month the cost of our monthly bulk water delivery from a water contractor.

It will cost High Energy K3,120 a year to help Tembari with its water needs.

The monthly 5,000-liter delivery is hosed into a water tank installed within the premises of Tembari day care facility.

Since bulk water delivery began last February, our volunteer mothers cooking meals for our 175 kids have been greatly relieved of daily water woes.

At the village where Tembari Children Care is based, water is a big problem and almost all the residents here are suffering from daily water crisis. Although there are public taps around the village at ATS Oro Settlement, there’s no water flowing from it.

Right now, it’s only Tembari that enjoys ample amount of water everyday, courtesy of our benefactors like the Filipino Association of PNG (FAPNG), the High Energy Co, RH Foundation, PNG Concrete and Aggregates Ltd and Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC).

Incidentally, Thomas also brought with him 20kg of frozen fish that Penny Sagembo, Tembari’s Co-Founder and Co-President, and our volunteers fried and sold to villagers.

He delivers frozen fish at least every fortnight.

The proceeds from the sale would be used to buy utensils for our daily feeding activities like additional spoons and fork, food bowls and soup cups.

The Tembari kids are lucky to have supporters like Thomas Kuo, who really cares about their basic needs such as food and water.

Thanks Thomas, may your tribe increase!

Tobias, an employee of High Energy, collecting a block of frozen fish from the vehicle.

The 20kg frozen fish.

Sage-embo, Tembari Co-Founder and Co-President, salts fish before it is fried. The fish will be sold to the village to raise money to buy utensils needed in the daily feeding activities.

Penny begins frying the fish.

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