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Filipino Association of PNG donates to Tembari children

Three Tembari kids amusing themselves with something when caught by the camera.

A view from The Center. (More pics by APH after story.)

A Friend of Tembari Children

THE Filipino Association of PNG (FAPNG) has donated K5,200 to Tembari children.

The money was raised from the association’s fundraising concert called “Valentine’s With Idols” held last month.

Tony Valdez, the new president of FAPNG, told me last week that the said concert was staged purposely to help Tembari with funding for its daily feeding program and other incidentals.

This concert, which drew big support from the Filipino community, was his first project since being elected the president last year.

And the donation towards Tembari was wholeheartedly supported by the members of FAPNG, who are all Port Moresby-based.

The story is that Tony is very much familiar with the Tembari children.

Since last year after I introduced to him our children, Tony has begun sending, on occasion, food stuff.

Actually, he teamed up with his two colleagues at HiTron – Filipino expats Jocelyn and Lourdes – to do this. The three fellows chipped in some money to buy some bags of rice for Tembari children.

The generous trio was doing this as their personal assistance to the children, something that other FAPNG members could also do on a personal level.

A bag of rice costs only the equivalent of two regular meals at Grand Palace; done once a month, it is something that would not hurt the pocket but would instead gladden many young souls at Tembari.

FAPNG has been staging yearly live concerts featuring top Filipino entertainers to raise funds for charitable institutions and worthy causes.

Such musical events would come during independence and Valentine’s Day’s weeks.

Among its beneficiaries last year were the Port Moresby police force, the children’s wards of POM General Hospital, and lately the Tembari children, whose number has grown to 175.

I personally thank the members and leadership of FAPNG for continuously supporting the Tembari children.

As a Filipino, I knew too well that my compatriots have a soft heart for Papua New Guinean children like the Tembari kids.

It is the same soft spot I got that drives me to work hard for these children.


These kids’ attention is caught by something …

4) The tenant of this bilum decides to take a nap while waiting for lunch to be cooked on Saturday, during a special feeding program on Saturday.

Volunteer moms cooking “arroz caldo”, a favorite Filipino dish, enriched with pumpkin cubes, grean peas and carrots, cabbage shreds and chicken shreds. The 55-liter soup dish was consumed by about 100 Tembari members, including volunteers.

Pumpkin cubes being dumped into the boiling “arroz caldo”.

Kids crowding over a basin of water to wash their hands before lunch.

Tembari kids having their lunch of rich “arroz caldo”.

Younger children take their lunch while sitting on a blue mat.

Volunteer mom washes used dishes and utensils.

Empty bottles of food seasoning and cooking oil.

The dirty stove after food is cooked.

A kid poses for posterity. (All pics by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ, Port Moresby, PNG 4/12/2010)

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