Sunday, September 26, 2010

Filipino Association of PNG (FAPNG) raises fund for Tembari children

The Pretty Young Thing (PYT) sing-and-dance act from Manila belts it out on Saturday night during the Hatid-Saya 2010 dinner-fundraising concert at Hideaway hotel. The concert is an annual initiative of the Filipino Association of PNG (FAPNG) to raise funds for charity. The Tembari Children Care (TCC), along with the Pediatrics Ward of the Port Moresby General Hospital, are this year’s funding grant beneficiaries.

A Friend of Tembari Children

THE Tembari children were lucky enough to be one of the only two beneficiaries of a fundraising dinner-concert staged by the Filipino Association of PNG (FAPNG) last night at Hideaway Hotel at 6-Mile.

The association’s annual event Hatid-Saya 2010 (Courier of Fun) is also giving assistance to the Paediatrics Ward of the Port Moresby General Hospital.

As usual, the dinner-concert was a sell out. It was the only time for Filipinos in Port Moresby that they could watch the performance of known acts from Manila.

And they watch with excitement and satisfaction an all-girl sing-and-dance group Pretty Young Thing comprising Ava, Dania and Nichole, who succeeded in enthralling their audience with their musical energy.

Association president Joey Sena is quite familiar with the Tembari children, and in fact, has become a donor through their family company Unversal Ventures.

The Hatid-Saya 2010 fundraiser has given Joey a better opportunity to further help our children by involving the Filipino community in Port Moresby.

He told last night’s audience that FAPNG has been holding this regular annual event to entertain city residents and to raise money for charity.

With the concert’s generous sponsors and supporters that enabled FAPNG to import such a very talented group of three young performers, the audience was truly entertained.

And obviously, the ultimate winners are the POMGH and the Tembari children.

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