Monday, August 2, 2010

New supporters for Tembari Children

Tembari children enjoying a lunch of “arroz caldo”, a rich Filipino dish with chicken meat, veggies and eggs.

The kids at the dining tables while waiting for their special lunch to be served last Saturday.

The younger batch of kids aged 2 to 5 while away their time in their classroom while their special lunch is being cooked.

Kids drinking their milk shortly after finishing their lunch or “arroz caldo’. The final drink they are to have is cordial. – All pictures by APH

A Friend of Tembari Children

THE Tembari children have gained two new supporters.

They are the Nationwide Constructions (PNG) Ltd headed by managing director Thom McDonalds and a group of Malaysian lady expatriates led by Cindy Lim, a senior staff at Digicel outlet at RH Hypermart.

Thom and Cindy became supporters of our children on the same day. In fact, they bought a lot of goodies for our kids, also on the same day.

When Cindy read my blog ( appealing to individuals who may be able to provide us items badly needed by The Center, she immediately asked me for such a list.

Receiving it the next day, she circulated the list in no time among friends and contacts.

It had quickly reached the big boss at Nationwide Constructions (PNG) Ltd, Aussie expat Thom MacDonalds, through a member of his staff who happened to have a relative acquainted with Cindy.

In a letter addressed to no-one in particular, but maybe wishing that we at Tembari Children Care (TCC) could read it somehow, Thom said his company has been helping activities that aimed to improve the lives of those who are less fortunate.

“Since the beginning, my company has been very fond of supporting institutes to help people of PNG in their needs.

“As part of showing my support to your institution’s vision, we are giving this humble gift to help you in your aim of helping fight hunger in PNG.

The letter came with several boxes of foodstuff which were now addressed to Tembari Children Care.

Lynne Ebit, assistant to Thom McDonalds, told me on the phone that his boss gave her my want-list, with instruction that she buy the items the soonest for immediate delivery to The Center.

On the same day, Cindy and Co also bought a number of items included in the want-list.

It appears that word about the 97 children under our care is reaching more and more people who are looking for an opportunity to help.

Thom McDonalds and company, as well as Cindy and Co, are just a few among them.

They have joined the roster of generous individuals, corporate entities and institutions who would like to have a stake in the future of the Tembari Children.

But their coming did not intrigue me anymore.

It is something likened to a tiny fragment of gold that little by little shows its glitter as it emerges from a mountain of dirt.

I am saying this because I found out just very recently that an individual who has big heart to help is always outnumbered by those who don’t have any, by those who would choose to ignore, by those who don’t care at all and by those who fear that helping the unfortunate would rob them of their life’s comfort and money in their wallet – in a conservative guesstimated ratio of 1:1,000,000.

Despite this, however, the Tembari children are still lucky.

While they are being dismissed by multitude of uncaring, heartless and detached individuals, the number of those who came forward is somewhat adequate, for now, to help them gain freedom one of these days from the bondage of their life-long misfortunes.

Although relatively few, our benefactors are assuring them that something good is forthcoming to change their lives for the better.

A firm believer in the goodness of man and in the kindness of many hearts, I can only hope and pray.

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