Friday, February 26, 2010

Hurray to our Saturday feeding sponsors!!!

All of us at Tembari Children Care, Rishabh, Penny, Hayward and myself; would like to thank sponsors, for their generous support in making special Saturday soup kitchen a reality for the 83 orphans and abandoned children under the care of (TCC) Inc.

While the kids are provided four-times a week lunch meal, their intake of nutrition leaves to be desired, blame this on a meager budget allotted on each feeding day – an amount of K40 or so to cover all of them.

The food usually is made up of kawkaw, coconut-milk cooked greens, sliced bread and cheap meat loaf or black tuna meat and watered-down cordial drink.

On the Eve of Christmas, a Saturday, I decided to cook a special meal for the kids as my Christmas treat, and then again on the next Saturday, the New Year’s Eve. After this, all of us approached our friends and contacts and with their support, the Saturday soup lunch has become a weekend affair. Since February 6, 2010, the Saturday feeding has been paid for by sponsors.

The honor of being able to sponsor the first lunch meal went to Filipino expatriate couple John and Rachel Villalba, who paid for a specially-prepared Filipino dish “lomi” soup; and I did the cooking.

The rest of the Saturday sponsorships:
1) February 13 – Mr Narasiman Muniandy, The National Newspaper;
2) February 20 – Mr Robert Palomo, Red Sea Housing Const Corp, PNG LNG project;
3) February 27 – Mr CC Ang, RH Hypermart, and family;
4) March 6 – Sunday Catholic Choir Group of Port Moresby;
5) March 13 – Mr Narasiman Muniandy
6) March 20 – Ms Maileen Sulibit and the Yes Ltd staff;
7) March 27 – Mr Albert Rocero, Coral Investment Ltd

John and Rachel Villalba and Narasiman Muniandy are all permanent one-Saturday-a-month sponsors.

By the way, Filipino expat Robert Palomo of Red Sea Housing Const based in Qatar but with big jobs at the PNG LNG project sent in additional funds to cover two more Saturday sessions! Hurray!

A million thanks also to WeCare! PNG and Pacific Towing Ltd (Mr John Whitfield) for a monthly grant of K400 each, for one year. These grants are the ones supporting the three-times a day feeding sessions each week.

A special Saturday lunch meal basically costs K150, which covers soup, a dish and rice. However, a number of our sponsors opted to give some more, to some extra “flavour” for the kids.

If you feel like experiencing the Saturday lunch event and see the kids having fun, please feel free to contact us.

-- Posted by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ, a Friend of Tembari Care Center (TCC) Inc.

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